Halliday’s Fiberly Art News 4 (WARM Mentor Exhibition)

My first cycle as a WARM Mentor is coming to a close with the culminating opus, The Warm Mentor Exhibition, running from Oct 3-31 at the Grain Belt Bottling Bldg.

79 13th Avenue NE  Minneapolis, MN 55413

Opening reception is Saturday Oct 18 from 6-9.  I will also be gallery sitting that day, from noon-2.

more info at:  http://www.thewarm.org

I’m delighted with the work by my protege Mary Laurel True.  She made the decision a number of years ago to only wear used clothing, and to create a daily garment for herself that reflected her day.  Much of her work for the program was planning documentation of the daily clothing.  She made a video of that, as well as of a “30 Minute Challenge” to dress two models at a favorite used clothing store.  The projector screen is surrounded by some of her daily wardrobe choices. Additionally, she created a little shop for the opening of “True Finds”.  A garment made from her checks to the used clothing stores “Check It Out” is on the mannequin.  Mary LauelThis is Mary Laurel True speaking at last night’s artist talk.  Go Mary Laurel!


2 thoughts on “Halliday’s Fiberly Art News 4 (WARM Mentor Exhibition)”

  1. This is excellent! I am so happy to get this ! Thank you for passing on the shows coming up, by you and other artists. I am finding the fiber arts world so much more inspiring than other areas of the arts at this time and can’t get enough of it. I took a paper making class from Bridgett O Malley, putting images into the paper and loved it.
    I like your going back into your installation in the woods and using the art created by the weather as a new beginning. Wow

    1. Donna–so good to hear from you!Be sure to let me know what all you do with the paper making. Bridegett’s paper is fabulous. I was just at Cave Paper a couple of weeks ago. I love that you are being inspired by the fiber arts world.Send me your news too.

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