Halliday’s Fiberly Art News 14: A Nabadi Happy New Year

I have been remiss in my blog updates but 2016 brings an opportunity to recommit. It seems my busy show schedule throughout 2015 is to blame. Yesterday I somewhat impulsively responded to an opportunity to participate in a brief workshop cosponsored by Midway Contemporary Arts and FD13. FD 13 artist residencies aim to connect international artists  with Minneapolis/St Paul artists and community. Currently Ei Arakawa , Gela Patashuri, and Sergei Tcherepnin are in residency, creating the exhibition and performance “Room & Board & Crate & Barrel & Mother Vertical” at Midway Contemporary Arts. Gela is here from Georgia, located in the Caucasian Mountains and Ei and Sergei are New York artists. During yesterday’s hour long workshop, a group of random people made metal Nabadi’s with the resident artists, culminating in a winter dance at Hampden park.  The Nabadi’s will be used as part of the Midway exhibition which opens January 21. A Nabadi is a traditional dark felted garment worn by mountain shepherds whose stiffness also allows it to provide a kind of shelter.  Felted  from the course black guard hairs of the Karakul sheep, this workshop appealed to my love of textile traditions applied to contemporary art concepts.images

Additional intrigue for me was the metal from which they were constructed.  The galvanized steel and 1/4 rivets were very difficult to manipulate but others’ stronger hands succeeded in getting them completed.

Here’s an image of the classic garment.

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 4.28.03 PM


And here are images of the construction

IMG_0259   (Kelsey Olson’s arms)


IMG_0261Here am I, down coat under Nabadi, ready to head into the below zero weather.

After an improvised dance led by the resident artists, we left the heavy Nabadi’s in the snow, making a lovely tribute to the close of a beautiful winter’s day.




Once again I celebrate the creative interpretation of textiles/garments as sculpture.  Thank you fd13 and Midway Contemporary Arts.

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