Halliday’s Fiberly Art News 13 (Kate Anderson’s Knotting)

Yesterday I had the wonderful experience of taking a short cyanotype workshop with artist John Marshall at the MN Musuem of American Art.  The workshop was offered in conjunction with their current “Summertime”  exhibit featuring pieces from their permanent collection, and included a 2011 cyanotype from John.  This funky photo was not intended to be a selfie but it does give a sense of John’s work.

IMG_6512Skyride (with reflections of  MMAA)

While waiting for the cyanotypes to expose I perused the exhibit and had the happy surprise of finding this excellent work by Kate Anderson.

IMG_6509 Matisse Teapot, 2001

Kate Anderson creates exquisitely crafted work that  uses a traditional basketry knotting technique learned in a workshop taught by Jane Sauer.  She chooses the teapot form which allows for commentary on form vs function, craft vs fine art and then quotes from iconic references (like Matisses’s cut outs) to further play with meaning.  What a treat to find this on display, right now, in downtown  St. Paul!

IMG_6510Another view of Matisse Teapot (in vitrine)

My other favorite item in this eclectic show is a Tlinglit Red Snapper fishing hook.


Thank you to John Marshall for a generously informative workshop, to Christina Chang for making it happen, and to the MMAA for it’s often fiber focused displays.

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  1. Hi! Am in the process of updating my website and was doing a search and found your site. Thank you so much for the nice posting! It’s great to see it was on exhibit! Best, Katie Anderson

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