Halliday’s Fiberly Art News 10 Public Private Experiment Update

When I decided to leave my “Public Private Art Experiments” outside for a long time, I knew I was taking the risk of losing them.  So I have been pleasantly surprised at the long life my trees enjoyed with little human interference during 2014.

.trees det 10.22.14

trees 10.22.14You can see them here in October’s snow.  I hadn’t documented them for a couple of months, but I checked on them most every day.  One fell down in December for which I made a temporary repair, but they continued to hang on.  And I continued to meet people who told me they had enjoyed coming upon them.  So I was pretty shocked on December 23, when this scene greeted me.

No treesGONE.

Completely gone without even a trace of wire.  I checked the creek and all around the various paths I walk, but found nothing.  This spurred into making the less traveled trek to my east creek installation.  By this time I wasn’t really surprised to fine this.

Pub priv 4 all goneThe wire was gone and the vines were collapsed.  I dug around for any remaining wire and found this.

pub prive 4 wireMy choice to leave my works unattended is part of the excitement of the experiment.  I certainly didn’t want someone to take them, but I also view it as all part of the collaboration.  If anyone knows anything about what happened to them, I welcome news.

Meanwhile my nearly invisible and much more subtle collaboration with vines remains safe.

Pub Private 3 whole

You can tell by my frosty nose that it was still up during this recent cold spurt.

Me winter public 3

I hope the wire isn’t just being sold, but however the materials reemerge in the world is all part of the process of the work, and how viewers engage with something I call art.

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